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I was born in a village called Zinapecuaro in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, and i come from a very humble family. My ancestors were musicians. My father played guitar, my mother sang and all my brothers are musicians, too.

When i was 16 years old, I emigrated to the United States, it was here where i grew up and developed my talent. I worked in the harvest fields of California in the Salinas Valley or as i called it " The Valley of Green Gold" for its variety of fruits and vegetables it produces. I learned everything from harvesting fields to operating heavy machinery, and also where I began to play my muses in my guitar.

At the age of twenty years i wanted to play guitar in a more serious way, although at first it was not easy, but with time and patience, i began to get it little by little. At the beginning of my career I imitated other artists but now i have found my own style and I compose my own songs. Playing guitar is my passion. 

Along with my brothers and friends we formed a band called "El Diamante Rojo", which is now desintegrated, and since then i kept the name, honoring the people who once were part of the group.

Life has not been easy, but music made me face it better. Since ten years ago i have been playing in private parties, restaurants, and anywhere I am given the opportunity. I have recorded three albums and i hope that people like my music.

I love to play classical Mexican music, ranchero, guapango, boleros, ballads and contemporary songs.

Hoping that you like my music I am completely at your service.

Thank You,

El Diamante Rojo
Javier Caballero

 My Career

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